We're not just raising little boys, but working at raising GOOD MEN!


Percy Bartley House was established in 1951 as a youth hostel and was known as Christopher House. Serving young men in need of a place to stay while they look for employment or needed support to complete their education.

Many have walked through the doors and continue coming back to give testimony of help rendered to them. Due to old age Mr Bartley In 1991 handed it to City Mission and it was renamed: Percy Bartley House after its founder, Percy Foxwell Bartley and continued to render the service in his honor however due organisational restructuring in 2007 it became an independent organisation from city mission with a focus of serving boys age 10 to 18 in line with the childrens act.


Serving youth through the proclamation and practice of the Christian gospel and the provision of appropriate resources that will result in the long-term and significant personal development.


To empower children in families and communities by teaching them values that build and improves relationships between child and parents or care giver.

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