Life Options Programme


Life options program is a new initiative program focussed on education and family. It is an initiative to help boys who wants to continue with their education and better their lives despite of their family background. Life options will raise funds to sustain the program.

The programs objectives are to increase awareness of better life choices among the youth at Percy Bartley House and in the community. It is anticipated that motivated youth will respond to help positively.


  • Parents experience difficulties in dealing with the behaviour of their children.
  • Factors that contributes largely to this problems of children includes,  conduct of parents, negative peer pressure, and negative influences of peers and adults, frustration of not coping academically.
  • Many parents feel disempowered and cannot be of assistance to teachers at school who need them to apply disciplinary measure at home?
  • Another obstacle is that the youth over 18 year is not funded, although they need the support in continuing their studies or school. Most families don't have the financial capacity to support their children into studies. Life options program starts a fundraising campaign for this need.
  • Also when youth act out at school Life options program has become a much-needed necessity in finding solutions for continuing education.  


  • Helping families to resolve problems and helping the children to spend time with their families
  • Healing for children who have experience abuse and helping with those who have behavioural problems.
  • To assist unschooled youth who left school early continue or skill development course
  • To provide the boys with knowledge and skills to make responsible choices
  • To support youth (especially over 18) with independent, critical and innovative thinking


  • Funding to meet the needs of children in education e.g. school uniforms, shoes, stationeries and school fees for boys in special schools and funds for academic studies for the youth over 18.
  • Transport money to school
  • School outing


It costs a significant amount to feed, clothe and provide for all of our boys' daily needs. While the state covers a portion of the costs, this is not sufficient to meet the needs for running of the home.

It cost R 60 per day to take care of the child and R1 600 per month.


Your monthly support goes towards education, School uniform and special programs.

You can wish to sponsor a child at Percy Bartley House per month:

R100, R200 or R500 - once of off gifts are also welcome.

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Registered with the Department of Social Department and Director of Fundraising Reg No: 058-676 NPO