Emergency Placement [24/48 hrs]

The many difficult circumstances that face our children seem to be irreversible whilst he is still in the face of that circumstance. This then causes them to leave their homes and run away to join up with a life on the street that proves to be more destructive than the initial disruptive circumstance. This would be the kind of child that would be brought to our centre at any given time [day or night]. Our staff works throughout the night to ensure that our doors are open at all times.

Any child placed on an emergency form [form 4] can only stay for a maximum of 48 hrs. During such time all the relevant history and home visit/investigation needs to be forwarded to the court to ascertain the next medium of care for the children.

The purpose for this care is to provide children with an opportunity to get the help he and their family may need in order to help ensure a better living environment for all involved.

  • To identify and determine the causes of the apparent neglect.
  • To help close the gap between the youth and his family as soon as possible.
  • To serve as a service provider to children on behalf of the department of social service and poverty alleviation.