Educational Programmes

Formal Schooling

Boys are assessed and placed back into mainstream schooling as soon as possible (depending on the gap in his own circumstances). In the event of this gap being too big, he will be referred to a bridging school programme which will aid in developing the youth from where he is to where he needs to be. This process could be short term or long term. It is always dependant on the youth.

Skill Development

Another way we develop the youth while he is in our care is to link him to the skill development programme offered by the Salesians Institute in the City CBD.

Bridging School

This bridging school is situated on one of the City Mission campuses. The school is registered by the department of education and is managed by a professional body of qualified teachers, ensuring the best possible care for every child referred to its services. The name of the school is City Mission Education Centre.

The school aims to divert the youth back into mainstream schooling as soon as one proves ready to do so.

The school [in conjunction with the PBH] facilitates the process of enrolment to the school of choice. Most times it would be the school last attended by the youth.

Informal Education

Very few boys are ready to return to formal schools. It is our responsibility to assess each boy in terms of their developmental level, to plan for their next level of care. This process is referred to as the IDP [Individual Development Plan]. This process includes finding the most suitable education or skills programme that would fit his profile.

Boys who have lived on the street for long periods at a time, or who have been without a stable home environment often prove to be very difficult to engage with within the classroom setting. We therefore try to ensure smaller ratios of child to teachers.

The school would independently be responsible for assessing the individual child and recommend whether they would stay at the bridging school or be sent to mainstream schooling.