Counselling and Therapy

We have over years understood that dealing with the emotional dimension of the young persons life proves to be of enormous benefit to the further care plan of the youth. Unless we deal with the emotional trauma the youth has been confronted with, we will never be able to impact the other areas of his life.

Drug related

This rehabilitative process is a very specific one and thus calls for professional intervention. Networking with folk like the Cape Town Drug Counseling Center and Narcotics Anonymous eases the care process for the youth. The Counseling center attaches a minimum cost and is one of the few in the country, which renders the service it does.

Understanding the complexities of the individuals need will always teach us how valuable partnerships of all kinds would be for the advancement of the youth's care plan.

Peer support group

The power of peer support is another such factor, which has also proved to be a very needed therapeutic tool for the care plan of the youth