Welcome to Percy Bartley House

Percy Bartley House is situated in Woodstock, is registered as a non profit organisation with the capacity to accommodate 25 young men between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years. The boys are often referred to Percy Bartley House by the children's court. Many of whom come from the streets, dysfunctional families, and often neglected.

Our goal is to prepare them for successfully reintegration into their families, in communities of origin so that they are able to contribute to their family or community in development. Social development is our primary objective as we seek to serve the disadvantaged in our communities.  As an organization we have pledged to remain faithful to this core value.

Many have come through our doors/care as we strive towards building relationships in our communities. One of our greatest assets (success facts), stems from the fact that we are based where the need presents itself. We also have found that the best people to provide the services we offer are the ones who have come through our care and who are ready to giving back to the community that once served them.


donate-iconMake a donation today and help us grow. You will be supporting a worthy cause and alleviate the burden of life for others. With your continuous support we will thrive and together we will make our communities better for all.

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foundation"Teach a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6


When Ogilvy moved to Woodstock a couple years ago we adopted a charity called Percy Bartley House (PBH), a home for boys that operates out of an old house in the area. 

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